Shooting the Moon: A Chance Opportunity


       We are several weeks into spring and today, like many living in the northeast, I was taken aback by the sight of snow blanketing our backyards. It was early, I barely had my eyes open, but I went outside to confront it. This was too much. I walked around our old farm house and just stared in disbelieve. 


               As I turned away from the stiffening cold wind, I noticed something white in the corner of my eye. Could it be? I had missed that opportunity to shoot the Blood Moon the other night. But there it was! Sitting pretty on top of a long row of conifers. Yes! Disgust immediately turned into excitement. I’m sure it wasn’t technically a full moon anymore, but it sure had the appearance of one. The next thing I knew, I was running into the house looking for my tripod. Got it! I kicked off the fuzzy slippers and grabbed some old boots and a down jacket. It was cold! Who cares if I still was in my pajamas. I didn’t care. I had to get that shot!


               I swung the back door open and ran like crazy to the nearest cornfield. They are wide open this time of year. I needed an open area. The moon was inching its way toward the horizon in a northeast direction. I would lose my chance if I didn’t hurry. Time was of the essence. Plus, I had to get ready for work! The moon was just sitting there waiting for me to catch its perfect pose. I set up my tripod with my trusty canon mounted nice and secure, took a deep breath, and began to snap away.


               As I shot frame after frame, the horror and dismay of a snow covered morning turned into a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I then turned the camera away from the sky. I looked down at dried up, cut corn rows and noticed how the lines stood out due to the contrast of that terrible snow. What a nice shot that would be. I was happy. The snow wasn’t such a big deal anymore. I thought I had lost my chance to shoot the moon this month, but that white stuff got me outside and presented me with a perfect opportunity.




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